Monday, June 9, 2008

6/4 Opening: Mary Turck, Building Community

Speaker: Mary Turck, editor, Twin Cities Daily Planet
Topic: Citizen journalism, building community
  • Agrees with Matt that the challenge is motivate people to create content.
  • Citizen journalists are deterred by criticism, negative feedback, catching heck from subjects of articles. [CAH: Think about how nervous kids are about writing reports for class, how sensitive they can be to criticism from profs. For most people, that's the last formal writing experience they had. Now you want them to write out loud, for public consumption? Uff da!]
  • Getting people to participate takes work: mentoring, editing, encouragement, writers workshops. [Think of it as gardening!]
  • Tech is a challenge: gotta fight spam, keep image files small [folks dump huge photos on community sites, don't think to shrink the file, maybe don't even know what huge resolution their cameras are operating at].
  • Financing is a challenge, too!

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