Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6/4 small group: Chris Naff on Coaching, Changing the World

Chris Naff, HumanKind Media
  • "media for the global citizen" reads her logo
    • [CAH] interesting slogan to put in the context of a conference on placeblogging.
    • [CAH] Can we be "hyperlocal" and "global" citizens at the same time?
    • [CAH] Can we establish a sense of community with all these people we connect with online and with the people we see at the grocery store every day?
    • [CAH] Will local community and dispersed community have the same qualities?
  • Chris wants to change the world [my kind of goal!]
  • Go beyond the crime and violence; do stories about people making positive change.
  • Community participants needs lots of coaching

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