Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6/4 small group chat: Michelle Ferrier

Michelle Ferrier, Ph.D., proprietor/managing editor, MytopiaCafe.com, Daytona Beach, FL:
  • Community calendar is the "gateway drug" on MytopiaCafe.com: it's the easiest feature for new users to use, introduces them to putting content online, inclines them to go further.
  • Photos are usually the next thing users start posting [everybody loves pictures!]
  • Stories are the hardest to get from participants [remember what Mary Turck said about how skittish people are about getting negative feedback from their writing?]
  • 75% of the MytopiaCafe audience is women. The community is much more social and inviting than the forums on the associated/sponsoring newspaper site, where you get the typical hot-air insult contests [just like the KELO and Sioux Falls paper fora]

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